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2022-05-22 00:24:33 By : Mr. Sson Tvte

It is the first module from ViaLite that can be installed outside without the need for an enclosure.

ViaLite Communications will return to CABSAT to showcase its small, self-contained IP rated boxes that are especially designed for hot dusty environments.

ViaLite’s new ‘6 GHz Outdoor Module’ RF over fiber link is IP55 rated so it can be used outdoors without the need for an additional enclosure, even in harsh environments.

The link, which is new to CABSAT, covers a wide frequency range from 10 MHz to 6 GHz (7 GHz at 4 dB pt), providing the widest RF bandwidth for a product in this format and covering VHF, UHF, L, S and C-bands. It is suitable for use in a variety of applications such as Broadcast, Satcom, GPS/Timing and Mil-Aero.

With a dynamic range (SFDR) at 109 dB/Hz at 1500 MHz and 104 dB/Hz at 5 GHz, it is also reportedly the widest SFDR RF over fibre product in outdoor-rated module format.

The module supports link distances of up to 50 km and operating temperatures of -20 to +60 ºC. It can also be easily installed as a standalone product for temporary or permanent applications. The link can be ordered as a single transmitter or receiver and there is also a high output power version which offers up to +10 dBm with low output harmonics.

It uses an external IP rated power supply to provide a 12 V DC input, can be configured through a USB-C port and has several software configurable parameters that can be changed on-site.

Small in size, the unit measures 138 x 60.5 x 31 mm, has a metal casing and integrated mounting holes. It is the first module from ViaLite that can be installed outside without the need for an enclosure.

All ViaLite hardware products include a five-year warranty as standard.

Natasha Miller, Marketing Manager, ViaLite Communications, said: “We are excited to return to CABSAT to showcase our RF over fiber products to the MENA region and support our regional partner there; Symbolise. The telecom market size in the Middle East is expected to increase by USD 20.57 bn between 2021 and 2026, and we are looking to capitalise on that. ViaLite supplies RF over fiber products globally. We provide RF over fiber links for both Satcom and Broadcast applications, making CABSAT a perfect fit for us. We also have a comprehensive range of supporting products including IP rated outdoor enclosures, DWDM long-distance links and Monitoring & Control modules.”

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