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2021-11-29 07:27:57 By : Ms. Berry Xie

Optical Surfaces Ltd. reported a technological development that allowed them to produce a novel non-thermalized beam collimator design that provides stable high performance over a wide temperature range.

Dr. Aris Kouris, Sales Director of Optical Surface Co., Ltd. commented: “Traditionally, beam collimators tend to be defocused when exposed to environments with large temperature changes. Without having to control the environment itself or resort to highly complex, dynamic and In the case of usually costly solutions, balancing the field center and defocusing at the same time is a particularly difficult task. Our athermalized beam collimator is based on a uniquely improved off-axis mirror design that combines INVAR elements and novelty When used in combination, 100% direct thermal compensation can be achieved. Compared with expensive dynamic options, this is achieved in a passive and adaptive real-time response mode when thermal changes occur. Therefore, in a wide range of High optical performance can be maintained in the temperature range (+5°C to +35°C)."

The use of a zero-expansion off-axis parabolic mirror further ensures the high stability and performance of the Optical Surfaces reflected beam collimator, and the surface accuracy of the manufactured surface is better than lambda/10 pv. The optical components in the beam collimator are fixed by using a stress-free mount and pre-aligned for best performance. The off-axis design of the optical surface beam collimator will not produce center obstruction, thus ensuring efficient transmission. The total reflection design of the Optical Surfaces beam collimator is achromatic and has an aluminum/magnesium fluoride coating, which can work from ultraviolet to infrared without adjustment. The use of zero-expansion glass mirror substrates helps these beam collimators provide excellent operational stability. Each system has an output port at a certain distance from the focal point and the side platform. All optical surface beam collimators provide a 20 mm field of view, ensuring full compatibility with standard black bodies.

The beam collimator manufactured by Optical Surfaces Ltd is contained in an aluminum housing and can be fixed to an optical table. Provide alignment aids to ensure correct beam pointing. Every beam collimator manufactured by Optical Surfaces provides an interferogram and an OPD map.

The company's ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturing workshop and testing facilities are located in a series of solid chalk tunnels deep underground. This provides an environment where the temperature is naturally thermally stable and vibration is extremely low. Under such stable conditions, the testing of high-precision optical components and mirrors becomes quantifiable and reliable. In addition to these natural advantages, Optical Surfaces has also invested in extensive testing equipment and developed methods to ensure accurate and reliable testing.

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