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2021-11-29 07:29:46 By : Mr. Dongqing Wei

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The global health crisis has accelerated digital transformation, and suddenly the demand for new ways of life and work in the digital environment has increased. Globe must be determined to forge ahead, adapt and adjust to create a path that helps Filipinos move forward by providing content that is beneficial to life.

At the 2021 Asian Video Summit of the Video Industry Association of Asia (AVIA), Rina Azcuna-Siongco, Global Head of Get Entertained Tribe, discussed how the company develops a culture of innovation and values ​​user experience. The last technical group of the event discussed "From Fragmentation to Convergence-What's the Next Step for Entertainment?"

Siongco pointed out that the wave of change brought about by the pandemic has led to the integration of all different aspects of life into a single channel-digitalization. In this way, Globe is transforming into a digital solution platform involving health and healthcare, e-commerce and finance, productivity and education, etc. All these efforts are carried out with the user experience in mind.

For Globe, enhancing the digital experience means creating value on top of its core mobile and data businesses. For example, it cultivates communities where every story can be heard, and gives fans the right to express themselves.

Similarly, Globe provides a unique service that bundles content and data related to customers' digital lifestyles, and utilizes and maximizes all its business channels to unlock the full potential of its different partnerships. It creates special propositions for customers-from online channels such as websites, apps, online stores, and social media to offline execution, making the Globe experience seamless and complete.

When asked about these innovations for the future development of its products, Siongco was optimistic about the various prospects of Globe. The company's telemedicine application KonsultaMD will continue to soar in 2021. Fintech and e-commerce also continue to be popular, as evidenced by the 51 million users of GCash, which is another Globe affiliate.

As for its plan, Globe's path is clear. As a pioneer of 5G technology in the Philippines, Globe continues to roll out fiber optic high-speed nationwide to ensure that streaming media, games, audio/video calls and mobile connections are better than ever.

For its entertainment business, Globe is diversifying beyond data. It is focusing on media convergence through Globe Entertainment, expanding its services to the field of talent management, and providing production services that meet both the B2C and B2B markets.

Following the global success of OTJ, Sunod, Midnight of Perfect World, and other award-winning films, Globe will continue to create content through Globe Studios. In turn, Globe Studios continues to produce continuous content, launching three new podcasts so far this month, and several movies and episodes are in progress.

Other prospects include content licensing and distribution through UpStream, and even publishing and production. All of these will be accomplished through our own talent agency and management and production activation agent.

The company strongly supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 9 which emphasizes the role of infrastructure and innovation as key drivers of economic growth and development. Globe is committed to upholding the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and contributes to the 10 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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